Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crossworks to Open a Diamond Promotion Centre in Yellowknife

RAPAPORT... Crossworks Manufacturing Ltd. is creating a "Diamond Promotion Centre" in the city of Yellowknife, Canada. The Centre will provide a venue where the public can follow the diamond journey along -- from point of exploration and discovery to where diamonds eventually land, with the consumer. Furthermore, the Centre supports the company's long-term strategy to expand operations by adding new trainees and state-of-the-art polishing machinery at its facility in Yellowknife.

Exhibits at the Centre will show key elements of the diamond journey, from early stage core samples to kimberlite, and from the process of planning how a diamond will be cut to the end result. The Centre will also have polishing demonstrations by members of the Crossworks Manufacturing team.

The Diamond Promotion Centre is targeted to open in the second week of January 2012, adding a new facet to the aurora borealis viewing season. The Centre will provide a "visible presence to the secondary diamond industry in the Northwest Territories (NWT)," stated Crossworks.

Uri Ariel, the president of Crossworks Manufacturing, explained, ''The success of Crossworks in the Northwest Territories has been tremendous and is allowing us to expand our operations in 2011 and 2012. We wanted to celebrate the success of the diamond industry in the NWT by opening a Diamond Centre where the public can tangibly see the journey of a diamond.

''It reflects our commitment to the secondary diamond industry and the NWT,'' he added.

Bob McLeod, NWT's Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment, said, ''Crossworks’ announcement today is yet another step in our territory’s development of a sustainable secondary diamond industry. The government of the NWT is committed to building a secondary industry that will boost the worldwide recognition of the NWT as a true leader in the diamond industry, and we are pleased with Crossworks’ announcement today that shows their commitment to this industry.''

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